Quad75Dezert Places 2nd at the 2012 Baja 500

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After a 450 mile battle with riders, dust, and heat, the Quad75Dezert team finished the 2012 Baja 500 in second place, just two and half minutes behind the 5a Yamaha team. Several competitors suffered heat stroke during this event, but the top finishers pushed through to come out on the podium. Read More

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Quad75Dezert is headed to race the 2012 Baja 500

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Quad75Dezert is prepped and ready for the Baja 500 June 1-3, 2012.

Coming off some bad luck at the San Felipe 250, the team is prepped and ready to begin pre-running in Mexico this week, prior to the race, which takes place June 1, 2, & 3. Riders Jorie Williams, Kenny Sanford, Jamie Kirkpatrick, Richie Brown, and Brandon Brown will be competing this year on a course that is nearly identical to last year’s Baja 500. Competing in Pro ATV class 25, the field is stacked once again with teams consisting of current and former Baja champions and SCORE racing veterans like Josh Frederick, Mike Cafro, and Greg Row. Leaving 2nd off the line behind Josh Frederick’s team, Quad75Dezert will be running the 3A plate.

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Quad75MX – Jorie goes 1-1 this weekend!

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Jorie Williams goes 1-1 at Quadcross Northwest’s 2nd round, taking the Pro win for the day, and tying up the points.

Saturday, Team Quad75Dezert, with the exception of rider and mechanic Kenny Sanford, headed to Horn Rapids outside of Richland, Washington to compete in the second round of Quadcross Northwest; the Northwest’s newest premier motocross series. After coming from a 2-2 for second at the inaugural round March 25th, Jorie Williams was determined to take the win this time. Brandon Brown and Jamie Kirkpatrick went as support and used the time on the track as physical training. Read More

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2012 San Felipe 250 Post-Race Recap

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Team Quad75Dezert conquers adversity and places 5th at the 44th Annual SCORE San Felipe 250. After a week of pre-running in Mexico and about 100 miles of testing and tuning on the race bike, the team woke early March 10th to race the San Felipe 250. After a solid week the team was feeling good about their sections and the course, however their race would be plagued with problems, the least severe being stray cactus injecting itself into riders, the most severe being a transmission failure that would leave the team struggling for top speed for most of the race. Read More

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Testing Video

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We leave next week! The 250 is March 11th. We’ll have an official press release at a later date. In the meantime check out our testing video.


YouTube Preview Image
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Quad75Dezert Wins the Baja 1000!

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Quad75Dezert headed south November 10th for the 44th Baja 1000. SCORE International would have nearly 300 entries from 16 countries,including entries from 34 states. The course was approximately 692 miles this year, combining the San Felipe 250 and Baja 500 courses, which made it one of the roughest tracks entrants had ever seen. Quad75Dezert conquered small and large adversities throughout the day to win their class and finish 2nd overall for ATVs, securing their Class 24 championship as well as the ATV Overall championship. The race was held November 19th. Read More

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44th Annual Baja 1000!

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This week Team Quad75Dezert leaves for Mexico to race the 2011 Baja 1000.  This year’s race is about 700 miles, starting and ending in Ensenada, and comprised of most of the year’s San Felipe and Baja 500 courses. According to Score’s website, racers from more than 35 states and 15 countries have registered to participate in the oldest and most well-known desert race. Quad75Dezert will be running only 1 team for the Baja 1000, and were lucky enough to get the first starting position for Class 24. They are currently leading their class in points, and have won their class and the ATV overall at this year’s San Felipe 250 and Baja 500.

Brandon Brown, Kenny Sanford, Jorie Williams, Jamie Kirkpatrick, & Richie Brown will be racing on the S&S Motorsports prepped Honda 450R. ProCaliber.com was instrumental in getting a 2012 Honda and Kenny Sanford has worked hard in conjuction with Sean McHugh of TCS Motorsports to get the race bike ready. “At this point we have some small things left to do to the race bike. Adjust the lights, mount a few custom pieces, and double check everything,” Kenny said, “Right now we’re getting the pre-runners ready.” The Baja 1000 is tougher on everything from pre-runners, to riders, to chase vehicles, and logistics can become difficult as well. “I have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to do. It’s helpful having been down a few times before,” Brandon Brown explained, “and this year we have practically already raced the course. It will just be a matter of linking the two together and making sure that our riders’ fitness levels are up to speed and our chase drivers know where to be, what do to, and when to be there. I have a lot of confidence in our team because we are lucky to draw from a variety of different knowledgeable people. That’s one of our most valuable assets: the diversity of our support crew.” Read More

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Help Quad75Dezert Support Breast Cancer Research!

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Breast cancer awareness month just came to a close on October 31st, but Quad75Dezert doesn’t have a big race to attend like the GNCC Ironman. So in honor of the amazing survivors the team has decided to put forth a fundraising effort on behalf of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. According to http://www.bcrfcure.org

In 2011, the American Cancer Society estimates that about 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among women in the United States, and that about 39,520 women will die from the disease.

At this time there are about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer.

In men, 2,140 new cases were projected in the U.S. in 2011, with 450 deaths.

Breast cancer is something that hits close to home, affecting some of the team’s family and friends. Brandon Brown’s sister is a breast cancer survivor who is now recovering from a second surgery and will probably need another. “It’s devastating to the women that have to go through this, their families, and friends. We feel like we can raise money for a good cause, especially because the 1000 is a big race,” Brandon explained.

The goal is $100 for every hour of the race. Competitors have 32 hours to finish the nearly 700 mile course. “We would really like to raise more than that, but we think anything can help,” Brandon said, “We’ve got a lot of amazing people supporting us, so we are pretty confident that those same supporters will be as enthusiastic about supporting breast cancer research, making a difference by funding important research for a cure.”

Visit this link to contribute something today: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/quad75dezert/2011baja1000

The team is currently less than two weeks away from leaving for the Baja 1000, and plan to continue efforts all throughout the 2012 season to raise money for cancer research. Please join them in making the awareness a 12 month project!








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Rider Support Party

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Click to visit the Facebook page with the details!

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4 Weeks & Counting!!

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Quick update on what the team is doing – We’re 4 weeks out from departure and we’re hurriedly working to get all our “ducks in a row” before the Baja 1000 next month! We’re excited as always, but a little overwhelmed at the amount of planning and work we need to get done in order to go, let alone the personal preparation the riders are doing to be physically and mentally in shape for 700+ miles of racing. We finally got our race bike, but a little late, which adds a lot of stress to the equation. We’re thankful to have the best mechanic around for desert racing! The drawing for the starting positions is Saturday the 15th. It’s all approaching VERY fast!


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Post Weekend Recap

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Quad75Dezert headed south to Las Vegas on August 17th for the 2011 BITD Vegas to Reno race, to be followed up by returning to the Northwest to race the Washougal round of WORCS. The team drew the first starting position off the Pro ATV line and left the start at approximately 6:10AM. Jorie Williams started the race and would ride for the first two pits and then switch with Brandon Brown at approximately 90 miles into the event. The two riders would then rotate on and off the bike for the next 460 miles until the finish line while the chase vehicles alternated pit stops. Unfortunately, at approximately race mile 150 the team was met with a mechanical failure and their race would be ended early. “For some reason we all really want to win this race,” Brandon said, “We screwed up and didn’t get to the second pit in time for Jorie who had to get gas from another team. He lost his lead while trying to get fuel and fell back as far as fourth before continuing.” Jorie left the second pit with determination and passed the riders ahead of him to put him into second place coming into the third pit where Brandon got on the bike.

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Once you do it, it’s in your blood….

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Brandon interviews and gives some insight into the team, his personal racing OCDs, and answers some questions posted by fans of the team on their Facebook page.

As soon as I started riding, I pretty much knew that was what I wanted to focus on.

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Great Story By a Fellow Baja Racer!

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We all have many things in common but Desert Racing and Off-Road trips has been a passion and bond for us throughout: we lived for the camp fire camaraderie, great people in this sport, and pushing the limits of man, machine, vs. the terrains of Baja..

This was sent to Quad75.com after the 500. It comes from James Woodford, and it’s his account of Ironmanning the San Felipe 250 this year in Class 25. Coupled with some great photos, James tells us about his experience in honor of a fallen friend. James exemplifies why desert racers do what we do – for the love of racing! He overcame some adversity, but we’re not going to spoil it for you, you’ll just have to read his article.

No matter how sore I was, how hard it was, how many hours it took to finish the race, or how many long nights I put into prepping the bike before the race. It was all worth it! To Honor Spencer, to accomplish our goals, no one can ever take that away from me! It wasn’t just a desert race. It was a life changing event!

James Woodard’s SF250 Story

I’m sure Spencer is proud James!

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Kenny Talks Baja

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Baja 500 Post-Race Summary

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Team Quad75Dezert is happy to announce their victory at the Baja 500 on June 4th. Not only did they secure their third class win in a row, they also won the ATV overall for the third consecutive time, beating all other ATV entries. In addition, the 100A race bike was the first ATV across the line, and approximately the 12th motorcycle overall to finish, crossing the finish at around 5:33pm after 11 hours and 15 minutes of racing. Team 2 finished 6th place in Class 24 and approximately 7th overall out of all the ATV classes.  Read More

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