Baja 500 Post-Race Summary

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Team Quad75Dezert is happy to announce their victory at the Baja 500 on June 4th. Not only did they secure their third class win in a row, they also won the ATV overall for the third consecutive time, beating all other ATV entries. In addition, the 100A race bike was the first ATV across the line, and approximately the 12th motorcycle overall to finish, crossing the finish at around 5:33pm after 11 hours and 15 minutes of racing. Team 2 finished 6th place in Class 24 and approximately 7th overall out of all the ATV classes. 

Going into the week of pre-running, the teams looked strong as they rode their sections. 4 riders were based in San Felipe to make for a shorter trek each morning to the summit and Mike’s loop. Another 6 riders were based out of Ensenada. These riders rode the start and end of the 454 mile course. This year’s course had a little bit of everything, including several course changes. From dammed sections of water to fast dusty sections, to rocks as large as a school bus, and whoops as deep as a Volkswagen, this track brought the best and worst of the Mexican desert to challenge riders come race day. After returning from San Felipe on Tuesday, riders Dale Mininger and Jorie Williams found out their section on the summit had been changed and that they would need to return on Wednesday to pre-run. “I thought we were going to have a day off, but then they changed it on us!” Jorie said after hearing of the change. After riding the changed course, which went from a newly cut section back to what SCORE used in previous years, Jorie described the section as “a whooped out, gnarly mess.”

Jorie and Dale, for Teams 1 and 2, respectively, would ride the start inside the city of Ensenada to Race Mile 35, then get back on near race mile (RM) 100 to conquer the summit. At RM 35 head mechanic Kenny Sanford would take over for Jorie and Dave Jenkins would take over for Dale and ride to approximately RM 100. When Jorie and Dale got off the bikes, Chris Kristensen would take over on the 100A while Sean McHugh would pilot the 101A. Unfortunately for these two riders, the course would get the best of them. Sean fell victim to a kicker dug out sometime between pre-running and race day, and crashed hard in the whoops. He got back on and finished his section but ended up with some bruising and a nasty limp. Chris would be ejected further south in some of the rockier terrain Baja has to offer. He saved the bike from being destroyed, but sacrificed his head, back, and neck. Kenny was at the next pit, and after reviewing the situation he made the call to put Jorie back on the bike. Jorie took over again to finish that section before handing the bike to GNCC XC2 rider Richie Brown. Sean made his pit and passed the 101A bike relatively unscathed to Oregon local Brian Watkins. During the start, Jorie was forced through some deep water which caused the 100A bike some trouble through the mid-range of power. Despite this setback the 100A bike was in the lead for most of the race, and at one point gained over 12 minutes on the next quad. After Brian and Richie finished their sections, Brandon would take over the 100A bike and Jamie Kirkpatrick would ride the the 101A bike to the finish. The bikes finished about an hour apart.

“I’m really pleased with both teams’ performances, and I’m just stoked that we have another overall,” Brandon said at the finish line, “Jorie is an animal and rides his head off every time he gets on the bike. Kenny built two incredible race machines. And we were fortunate to have smart riders on both teams. We had some problems along the way, but we overcame the adversity and we’re happy to have finished so well.” The team intends to race the Baja 1000 in November, and has already started preparations to chase another ATV Overall and in-class win at that race. Three consecutive wins, and three consecutive ATV overall wins shows that this team is not joking around when it comes to racing Baja. “We’re going to do our best when we come out here because we love desert racing, but also because we want to win and we work hard in order to be competitive,” Brandon concluded.

Quad75Dezert would like to thank the following companies for their support: S&S Motorsports, Water Well Developing & Surveys, Fox Racing Shox, Maxxis, Klim, Teixeira Tech, HMF Racing, Uni, CBR Performance, MotoXNutrition, UPP Racing, Fullbore Innovations, HiPer, Pro Armor, TCS Motorsports, Spider Grips, Warn Industries, QuadTech, Maxima, Precision Racing Products,Fusion Graphixx, Powermadd, Asterisk, Wiseco, Fastenal Racing, Scott USA, Rekluse, Pro Caliber Motorsports, Trail Tech, Hot Rod Fabrication, KBH Construction, Cycle Wash, Dune Tech,, Team Money$hot, & Murray211

A big thanks to our support crew as well:  “The Operator” Dan Wade, Megan Murray, Sean & Mary McHugh, Mike Kelley II, Daryl, Dan KirkPatrick, Brad, Alex Mininger, Shelly Watkins, and our lead mechanic Kenny Sanford, from S&S Motorsports.

Thanks to our  riders also: Team 1- Brandon Brown, Jorie Williams, Kenny Sanford, Chris Kristensen & Richie Brown.  Team 2- Jamie Kirkpatrick, Brian Watkins, Dale Mininger, Sean McHugh & Dave Jenkins.



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