Baja 500 Pre-Race Summary

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Ensenada, BC, Mexico – Brandon Brown’s Quad75Dezert teams commenced pre-running in Mexico at the start of this week. The Baja 500 takes place Saturday, June 4th and after several course changes in only a week and a half of pre-running, it appears this race will challenge competitors more than usual. Anything can happen in Baja, and it already is. Brandon has coordinated two teams for the 500. Riding for Team 1, Class 24, #100 are Brandon Brown, Kenny Sanford and Jorie Williams. New for this race is Chris Kristensen & GNCC pro-am rider Richie Brown. Heading up Team 2 is Jamie Kirkpatrick, with returning rider Brian Watkins. New for this race, also riding for Team 2, are Sean McHugh, Dave Jenkins, and Dale Mininger, all three locals to the Northwest.

Brandon has been meticulously planning since the 250 ended, “It takes a lot of planning and thought to coordinate a team for Baja, then when you add in an additional team of riders, it complicates things ten-fold. The course doesn’t come out until the week before we leave, so I usually loosely base some planning off of previous years’ courses,” Brandon explained, “this year, my riders pre-ran a few sections and then there were some last minute changes which present a whole new challenge for the riders.” 4 riders were pre-running out of San Felipe for 3 days, and another 6 from the Quad75Dezert Baja 500 headquarters in Ensenada. Jorie Williams’ section was changed twice. The second time was not changed until after he had returned from San Felipe. “I was definitely disappointed because I had spent 3 days working on my section. We got all the way back to the house and find out we have to turn around and go pre-run a course change. It makes things interesting. I wish we could have had a day off, but then they went and changed it on us!” The rest of the team will be getting organized for race day.

Head mechanic and rider Kenny Sanford from S&S Motorsports will spend the rest of the week going over the race bikes. Jamie and Brandon will be doing a shake-down on Wednesday prior to the race to make sure both race bikes are adjusted and functioning properly. Friday is contingency, where bikes and certain equipment are inspected. Saturday is the race. The quads leave the line at approximately 6:30am. Teams 1 and 2 were lucky in the drawing and get to leave second and first off the line (at a 30 second interval), respectively. This will give both teams an advantage in pursuing the overall because it puts both teams near Class 25 at the beginning of the race as opposed to having to wade through riders in both classes when starting at the back of the pack, as they did at the San Felipe 250. For updates, information, photos and videos, visit or


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