New Sponsor!

Posted by Q75 admin on Friday Jul 6, 2012 Under 2012, News

While the team is busy preparing for the Vegas to Reno in August, they have partnered with a new sponsor, Ryno Power. Ryno Power is a supplements company founded by motocross legend Ryan Hughes and developed through extensive testing with several types of athletes from tri-athetes to rally car drivers to motocrossers. With several very impressive names under the Ryno Power tent we are happy to be a part of the team and incorporate the Ryno Power supplements into our work outs and daily life.

“We were never unhappy with our other provider. We learned a lot and owe a lot of our current conditioning to that company, but they have switched their focus and we needed to align ourselves with a company that was familiar with our sport and Ryno Power was the first one that came to mind,” Brandon Brown explained via his home in Oregon, ” I have been a Ryan Hughes fan for a long time and I was really happy to see him competing at Hangtown this year. I admire his story and identify with his determination to succeed. Our program is based on wanting to win and we put forth a huge effort on and off the quad to do so. I’ve only heard great things about Ryno Power and it was the obvious first and only choice for us to pursue. We are very excited about this new opportunity and the products Ryno Power offers.”

The team’s next venture is the Vegas to Reno August 16th, where they will have 3 entries into the Pro class there. In the meantime they will be competing at Quadcross NW’s 5th round in Olympia, Washington. Click the Ryno Power logo to visit their site.



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