New year, new team – same drive to compete.
Quad75Dezert was born out of a passion for racing the desert of Mexico, and the wish to share that passion with other people. It started with Brandon Brown and has since evolved and advanced in both form and knowledge, and continues to do so. The team’s biggest goal, besides winning, is to go into every race prepared, and learn a little more from each experience in the desert. The willingness to adapt and learn is manifesting itself in class and overall ATV wins. Quad75Dezert is determine to keep their momentum, continue to win, and more importantly, keep learning.

Brandon Brown started riding quads at 8 years old, and started racing shortly after high school. After a few hard lessons in the expense of racing, he hung it up for a few years. When he finally got back to racing a few years later, he jumped straight into the Pro ranks and never looked back. After ranking as high as 2nd in WORCS, he switched his focus to desert racing and has met the challenge with success. Brandon’s first time in the desert was at the Parker 250, guest riding for another team. After that he spent time in Mexico riding for various other teams until he decided he wanted to try to put his own team together. Having the opportunity to see how various teams ran their program, Brandon had a good idea on how to run his. After working out the bugs, the Quad75Dezert team won their first race and the 2010 season at the Baja 1000, and are continuing to work hard, learn, and evolve into an unstoppable force.