2012 San Felipe 250 Post-Race Recap

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Team Quad75Dezert conquers adversity and places 5th at the 44th Annual SCORE San Felipe 250. After a week of pre-running in Mexico and about 100 miles of testing and tuning on the race bike, the team woke early March 10th to race the San Felipe 250. After a solid week the team was feeling good about their sections and the course, however their race would be plagued with problems, the least severe being stray cactus injecting itself into riders, the most severe being a transmission failure that would leave the team struggling for top speed for most of the race.
Brandon Brown took the start until Race Mile 30. Within the first 10 miles Brandon nearly crashed, and was unable to recover until well after he got off the bike. Jorie Williams took over from 30 and rode to Morelia Junction at RM 94. It was during his section that 5th gear broke, leaving only 1-4. Mechanic Kenny Sanford took the bike through one of the roughest sections, from Morelia to Race Mile 127 where Jamie Kirkpatrick got on the bike to complete the bottom loop of the course. Unfortunately, shortly after Kenny got on the quad, 3rd gear gave way. When Jamie made it around to pit at Race Mile 169, approximately 20 minutes behind the leading ATV team of Josh Frederick and Dillon Zimmerman, he said the bike was stuck in gear, and the pit crew had to push him to keep the bike from stalling when he left. He made it to RM 190 and Brandon took a 25 mile section to Race Mile 215 where he handed the bike to Jorie Williams for the finish. Jorie struggled a little through the new wash – he could only go as fast as 4th gear would allow, but he had prerun it going much faster. He rolled through the finish in the early afternoon, the 6th ATV to physically cross the finish line. “It was frustrating, but we made it work,” Brandon Brown said at the finish line, “Obviously we would have liked to do better, and we’ll be working extra hard to prepare for the 500, but we finished.” Kenny Sanford stated that the team has never had a transmission failure and was interested to open it up and investigate.

The team will return in June with the addition of Richie Brown to take on the Baja 500. They would like to thank the following people and companies for their support: Tire Blocks, S&S Motorsports, Waterwell Developing & Surveys, Fox Racing Shox, Maxxis, Klim, Teixeira Tech, HMF Racing, K&N Filters, CBR Performance, HB Jaeger, UPP Racing, Fullbore Innovations, HiPer, Pro Armor, ProCaliber.com, IMS, TCS Motorsports, Spider Grips, Warn Industries, QuadTech, Maxima, Precision Racing Products, Fusion Graphixx, Powermadd, Asterisk, Wiseco, We All Ride, Scott USA, Rekluse, Trail Tech, Streamline, Hot Rod Fabrication, KBH Construction, Cycle Wash, Dune Tech, PitTraffic.com & Murray211

Special thanks to Sean McHugh, Dan Wade, Dan Kirkpatrick, Joey Kirkpatrick, Brad Williams, Mary McHugh & Ken Sanford.


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