4 Weeks & Counting!!

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Quick update on what the team is doing – We’re 4 weeks out from departure and we’re hurriedly working to get all our “ducks in a row” before the Baja 1000 next month! We’re excited as always, but a little overwhelmed at the amount of planning and work we need to get done in order to go, let alone the personal preparation the riders are doing to be physically and mentally in shape for 700+ miles of racing. We finally got our race bike, but a little late, which adds a lot of stress to the equation. We’re thankful to have the best mechanic around for desert racing! The drawing for the starting positions is Saturday the 15th. It’s all approaching VERY fast!


Kenny has been diligently preparing for the arrival of our 2012 Honda TRX450. Originally we thought we’d have a bike at the beginning of September. We really like to start prep work in August, however, we didn’t get our 2012 until last weekend. We don’t like giving our mechanic a panic attack, but we’re really looking forward to testing this bike at the end of the month and putting on the final touches before we leave.

Brandon has been challenging himself with vigorous workouts all while formulating the “master plan” for Baja – securing lodging, planning chase routes, planning which of our riders will ride where, paying the entry fee, all the meanwhile working on sponsorship for the 2012 season as well as other team “administrative” tasks.

Jamie has been busy also – Jamie is a father again! He has a 5 year old son, Blake, and a new daughter, Brynn,  born a few weeks ago! Congratulations Jamie and Jen! Jamie has been heading up and riding for Quad75Dezert ‘s second team, but will be riding for the primary (and only) team for the 1000.

Richie Brown will be coming back for the 1000, driving all the way from Georgia! Richie’s enthusiasm and skill have been a great asset to the team and we are looking forward to having him with us again. He suffered a broken leg a few months ago when he attempting to run himself over in another off-road race on the East Coast. After surgery and a bit of recovery, he’s back to racing (and winning) and preparing for Baja.

Jorie, when not being a TV star, has also been training on his TRX system & riding his stationary bike. He’s also been helping Kenny a bit with race bike related tasks. He helped ferry the new race bike up to Kenny’s shop and has been riding about 3 times a week to stay in shape on the bike. He’s looking forward to the 1000 just like everyone else!

We’d also like to introduce our special fundraising site: support.quad75.com We are often asked “How can I help?” and the easiest and most helpful thing is to donate some money. We’ve got some cool things to give away in exchange for your support – t-shirts, stickers, even a chance to come down and experience Mexico first-hand with us! Your support is meaningful and we appreciate every single person that’s ever supported our dreams. We’re looking to cinch the ATV overall, Class 24 win, Class 24 Championship and ATV Overall Championship at the 1000, as well as making it 4 wins/overalls in a row. You can help us!

If you live in the Portland/Vancouver area, or want to travel a bit, October 21st from 5-8pm at Pro Caliber Vancouver there is a Baja Rider Support Party. Pro Caliber has been a great supporter of our efforts, and last year’s party was a lot of fun. The ATV (us) and Bike teams will be there with a race bike for pictures, autographs, and enjoying the event! There is a silent auction with great prizes from HMF, Hiper, Spider Grips and MANY more, a raffle, spaghetti, and fun games for kids and adults. It’s also an open house for the dealership so you can come in, meet some of the staff, and have a look around.

Thanks for your support!


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