In Ensenada for the 500

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The team made it to Ensenada last night and after touring the house, promptly got to work unloading gear, tools, and bikes. After everything was unloaded we arranged and organized, and then set to work doing the last little bit of preparation for pre-running. Kenny Sanford of S&S Motorsports headed up the effort, coordinating the 6 bikes and handful of help to get everything done. It always seems that there is just never enough prep time! Brandon Brown went over some logistics and some administrative work that comes with coordinating two teams and left Kenny to manage the mechanics. 

Here is a short clip from Brandon summarizing the first day in Mexico.

Today about half the team sets out for San Felipe. Sean McHugh, Dale Mininger, Chris Kristensen, & Jorie Williams will be pre-running their sections and will temporarily move their base camp from Ensenada to San Felipe for a few days. Mike Kelley, Alex Mininger, and Dale’s brother-in-law Darryl will be driving chase vehicles and acting as pit support for that section.

Meanwhile in Ensenada, Kenny will be working on getting some pre-runners ready for pre-running outside of Ensenada with help from Jamie Kirkpatrick, and the team is expecting the arrival sometime tonight of Team 1 rider Richie Brown, and Team 2 rider Brian Watkins and wife Shelly Watkins. Rider Dave Jenkins is finishing his last pre-running preparations and Brandon is continuing to work on some of the logistics and team organization to complete this race. It seems as if a person can’t plan too much when in Mexico.

Check back for updates, or visit Pit Traffic for some photos.


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  1. Brad and Cris Says:

    I’m glad to hear that Jorie is helping out making bean enchilada’s..Thanks for keeping us all updated and the great pictures!!
    Go team!!! -Jorie’s mom