Quadcross Northwest Season Opener

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Quadcross Northwest headed back to Horn Rapids this year for their 2015 season opener. The weather was expected to be beautiful and it did not disappoint. Turnout looked good in many classes, including my own and I went into the weekend excited about racing my four wheeler! But, who isn’t excited about racing?

I went out for practice laps on Saturday a smidge rusty. I never felt like MX was my strong suit and I always thought that I needed a lot of practice to be good at it, versus some guys who can go out and look flawless, fast and comfortable if they’ve been riding all week or just once in the last year! Work has been busy, so I haven’t had time for riding or much of a workout regiment. Those aren’t excuses not to go racing, so after completing the last bits of my MX bike – including adding my spankin’ new CRF skid plate from Mike Campell to the bike – we packed up and headed to the track. After practice, I needed to do a little big of tuning. This was my first time on the bike after Arlan of LED Performance fixed her up last year. I am always pleased with his work! With help from Troy “The Pit Boss” Oestreich, I did a quick carb adjustment and oil change and got prepped for my first moto – race 8.

Dan Dehut and I gathering up the available real estate in the first corner.

Dan Dehut and I gathering up the available real estate in the first corner.

2nd moto corner

Motoring along, trying to make up some ground.

Horn Rapids has a concrete pad at the gate, which can be tricky to get traction on without the right know how or tire set up. Maxxis absolutely rules in the tire department, and I have taken off from concrete once or twice (I won’t say whether it was at a race track or not though) so when the gate dropped I got a great jump. I powered down the straight and got the holeshot! I made it over the first two table tops before I got passed and held 2nd without challenge the rest of the moto. I felt really good after, but it usually takes me a long time to warm up which is challenging in MX because we only get 5 laps!

For moto two, I got a great jump off the gate and promptly killed my bike. FNG over here. It started right away (thank you Arlan!) and I entered the first turn in almost last. Our gate was not split, and we line up with the Vet B class also, so I had a lot of work ahead of me to get into the top of the field. Most people want the gate split, but I am not afraid of the work of having to manage traffic. I love just about all aspects of racing and most of all I like the racing!

I made my way around riders here and there. It became more difficult as they became spaced out but eventually I made my way into third place, with 2 laps to go. It was here than Dan Dehut and I had a good battle. I tried a couple of times to make a pass, but couldn’t quite get there. I finally saw an opportunity and took it with half a lap left. I finished 2-2 for 2 on Saturday.

Sunday we again had excellent weather! Northwest Spring can be iffy sometimes in the weather department. On the Eastside, where we live and where this race takes place, Spring means wind. There was some wind, but nothing so severe to ground our flights. I was a little tired from the day of motos before, but overall feeling really good. Sunday they split our gate, so Vet A took off first, then vet B. It makes the starts a little less interesting, but a bit safer. Did I say less interesting? I mean totally boring. I screwed up the start so bad. Kids, that’s what happens when you don’t practice. My class had already cleared the first two tables and was about to hit the big Pro Taper table when I got to the first turn. In times like these I like to throw goatheads to the photographer. Quad racing is so rock and roll.Goatheads
While I had a bad start, I was not down nor out. I charged ahead and made solid progress into the 3rd place position. The gap between 1 and 2, and then again from 2 to me was pretty large, which made for an uneventful first moto of the day. I rode strong laps and closed a bit of space between me and second place. I finished in 3rd and told myself I pretty much needed a holeshot the next moto to redeem myself.

Alas, redemption has to wait! I got a good start off the gate but not a great one. I ended up third into the first turn, but 2nd went too wide and I moved into his spot during the first turn, so exiting the first turn and entering the second (the start is an S turn after the straight) I was in second place. The race was kind of uneventful. First place got a big gap and rode pretty solid, I had a decent gap on 3rd and so I put  my head down and ground out my 5 laps. I made up some ground on 1st, but it wouldn’t be nearly enough to take, let alone challenge for the moto win. I went 3-2 for 2.

Overall, I am very  happy with my racing this weekend, even if it’s twinged with a little disappointment. We are looking forward to the next one. Quadcross Northwest hits Straddleline in McCleary, WA next and it’s one of my favorite facilities because of the management – Elaine Derrick. While work has me pinned down, I am hoping that I will be able to get time to service my quad and get to Straddleline for rounds 3 and 4.

Biggest thank you to my sponsors, most of whom have been with me for over 5 years, some over 10 years now. I couldn’t compete without their support. They provide the best products and services for quads of all skill levels. If you want the best, please consider these guys: Maxxis Tires, Klim, Rekluse, LED Performance, Teixeira Tech, Motosport Hillsboro, Fox Shox, Precision Racing Products, Wiseco Piston, Trail Tech, HMF, Fullbore Innovations, 100% Goggles, UPP, CBR, Ryno Power, IMS, Pro Armor, Spider Grips, Maxima, Asterisk, Quad Tech, K&N Filters, Shorai Power, Sunstar, Spider Graphix, Galfer, Powermadd, CRF (Campbell Racing Fabrication), Quad75.Com, Waterwell Developing & Surveys, & PitTraffic.com.

Thank you also to my wife, Megan, and my son Loic.


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