Spider Graphix Review

Posted by Q75 admin on Wednesday Nov 19, 2014 Under 2014, Review

10535633_10152319683592087_4359389991834915554_oThis year was my first year being sponsored by Spider Graphix. I’ve come a long ways from a couple of well-placed stickers on my 250R plastics and have tried many different companies. I didn’t know what to expect from Spider, but they have a lot of riders back East as well as a few names out West.

Firstly, their staff is super friendly. It’s nice to be greeted pleasantly on the phone, instead of some shops that are always “too busy” to be pleasant to you. You won’t find that here.

Secondly, I sent a sponsor list and some general requirements over to them, and the turnaround on my proof was SUPER fast. It was so nice to have something to look at so quickly! It made the process that much easier.

Thirdly, the design was spot on and I think the kit turned out amazing for my blue and orange color scheme. A few minor corrections and a logo placement changes and we were off to print. They printed and shipped quickly also, which was great because at the time, it was right before a race and I needed them! Some companies like to cover your kit with their logo. Spider Graphix has a couple non-intrusive logos put on your kit. They fit in perfectly with your graphics and it doesn’t look like their logo is overwhelming anyone elses’ logo. I appreciate this a lot.

The graphics arrived on a roll looking crisp and clean. They even included a couple extra mini number plates. One of which I attached to my coffee cup. You have to let the people know. Plus, I think it adds some HP to the coffee, which we can all use on certain mornings.

The graphics went on easily. Since I run Fullbore plastic, sometimes graphics guys think they have the right template, but it ends up that what they have is close, but not perfect and then the graphics don’t go on correctly and then it looks bad and I’m not happy. Spider Graphix has a Fullbore template that fits excellently! I was very happy with the fit of the graphics on the plastic and didn’t need to rearrange or trim or do any modifications to make it fit correctly.

Because I ordered late in the season I cannot attest to how they hold up under a full season of abuse. However, we’re several motos and 3 XC races into it and the kit still shines when I clean the mud off after a race. So far it has held up to the abuse I have dished out and looks great. Some kits will peel off or the outside laminate will get so scuffed that the graphics end up looking hazy. I have not experienced that with the Spider Graphix. They look great!

With all of the above reasons listed, I would encourage you to get in contact with Spider Graphix for your next kit, sticker, or trailer wrap. They have solid design work, friendly and helpful staff, and a great product. Check them out at http://www.spider-graphix.com/ or follow them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/spidergraphix


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