Klim F4 Helmet and XC Gear

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My first thoughts upon receiving my Klim F4 helmet was “Wow! I love this flat black!” The new styling was great and fit and comfort has never been better. Then, I got the red and white Klim F4 helmet to match the red, white, and blue XC gear, which is new from Klim. Two words: Blown away. The F4 not only looks awesome, it’s light. Super light. Feather light. Almost nothing on your head light. The interior is plush as well. I thought my black helmet couldn’t get any better, but the ECE version of the F4 is on another level of comfort.

10648241_10152396372332087_6276033950188605285_oThe ECE F4 helmet7 colorways. I’ve got the Radar helmet in red and white, but a close second is the Circuit helmet in blue and orange (team colors you know) and I am digging the looks of the Stealth Black helmet as well. My wife is fond of the Radar, Circuit, and the neon/blue of the Legacy Voltage helmet. So, I guess if you’re hunting ladies, choose one of those. My lady is taken though.

The F4 has a ton of air flow to keep you cool, and the included wind stopper liner works great in cold weather to keep your head warm without overheating. Each helmet comes with a nice helmet bag, a breath deflector, a wind stopper liner and an extra visor with hardware. Tons of value for a great helmet.  Another improvement over older designs of the F4, is that the vents can now be replaced. The new design has vents that are lower profile than previous models, but if you happen to take a digger or break a vent some other way, you can now replace the broken one. It’s as easy as cleaning out and taking off the old vent, and peeling back an adhesive strip, trimming the support posts, and popping on a new vent.

The new F4 helmet is designed as a complement to their new gear line up. Klim has long been an industry leader in off-road motorcycling, and their newest XC gear adds a little more flair for racers. I have their red, white, and blue color scheme which looks so sharp with the Radar helmet. PitTraffic.com added my name and number to the back to complete the look. The jersey features several different styles of ventilation to keep you performing at the top of your game. The cuffs on the sleeves stay in place nicely, and the collar isn’t irritating or restrictive like some jerseys can be. The pants lack pockets, unlike their Mojave or Dakar line up, which you don’t really need pockets for a XC race anyway. They match the jersey flawlessly. The knees are genuine leather, and there’s plenty of stretch in critical areas like crotch, side of the leg, and in the back by the waist to help you maneuver unrestricted on the bike. The pants are also ventilated, which is great! They are very comfortable to race in, and if they are like everything else Klim makes, they will be super durable. Klim makes products that look good and last a long time all while providing a level of functionality most brands haven’t even thought of. My only beef with the pants is that the narrower “no-snag” design leaves little room for my knee braces. They fit and it’s not uncomfortable, it’s just a pain to get them in there!

My summary is this: If you haven’t tried a set of Klim gear you are really missing out. If you tried it 5 years ago and didn’t like it, try it again. Klim is always striving to give you best gear that you can TRUST. I think they really hit the nail on the head with their new line up and I’m looking forward to seeing what innovation and improvements they develop over the years. It always seems like when they come out with something that can’t be beat, they one-up themselves and create something even better.

Also, their new casual line up is top notch. Give Klim a look. http://www.klim.com/


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