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If you’ve never tried a set of Powermadd handguards I recommend that you do. I’ve used them for years because of their great coverage, great accessories, and great features, plus they look good on every machine. That’s a combination that is tough if not impossible to beat.

Lots of colors to choose.

My setup has pretty typically been a set of Powermadd Star series handguards with the wrap around kit. The wrap around kit helps ensure that your handguards are in place no matter what happens or what hits them. A useful addition to any type of riding, even though they are designed for XC in the woods. Additionally, Powermadd has some great color combos on their Star series. I’ve usually had a set of black/blue or black/orange handguards because my current bikes and longest running color scheme has been orange and blue. They do have black and white, red and white, Suzuki Yellow, Honda red, etc. You have plenty of options to choose from to match your current bike.

967286_517673411632196_1283884983_oAdditionally I mentioned accessories. Powermadd has great options if you’re into snowmobiling or dual sporting also. Add-ons like mirrors for your handguards, flares to keep the mud off, and mounts to fit every ride, including your commuter scooter. While Powermadd is known for handguards, they also have a variety of other accessories like UTV windshields, tow straps, a tool caddy, and even camo decals in a few patterns to fit on their handguards for the hunting crowd.

Star series are what I run. They have my favorite color combinations, plus the top part of the handguard pops off to provide more venting without losing protection from rocks, roost, and debris while riding. Star series is not their only offering. Powermadd has other great options, including their PowerX handguard. The PowerX is designed to flex and return to place upon impact. If you can break it, they’ll replace it within a year of purchase. If you’re not a racer, they have a lower cost option in their Trail Star series. Same great colors to match your ride, but less money spent if you’re on a budget. They also have a new Sentinel guard that looks great. It definitely adds style without sacrificing protection for your hands. Additionally, for those muddyy races, they have a handguard that will fully cover your hands, preventing any mud from reaching your gloves. This has the obvious advantage of keeping your gloves, grips, and controls dry so you can hold on!

SF250resz-300If you ask me why I run Powermadd and have for so many years, I have a simple answer. They are durable, they look good and continue to look good even after hard use, they offer great protection, great features, and they are a pleasure to work with. If that’s not everything you want and need in a handguard and company, I don’t know what to tell you. My Powermadd handguards have never let me down, and that’s why I recommend them, but further more, that’s why I continue to use them.

Check out their catalog here: http://issuu.com/powermadd/docs/powermadd2014_web
Or visit their website here: http://powermadd.com/

They are always looking to expand their racer support program as well.

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