Quad75Dezert and Los Chakas’ San Felipe 250 Race Report

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21a-3The 27th annual San Felipe 250 took place Saturday, March 9th with more entries from various countries in this year than the last few years. The combined team of Quad75Dezert and Los Chakas battled in 4th all day long, but finished the day in 5th after some confusion near the finish. After the stressful pre-race preparations, the team was less than happy with 5th but content with a finish without penalties and is now looking towards the Baja 500 in June.

Riders Juan Sanchez, Angel Sanchez, Jenaro Ibarra, Santos Perez and Brandon Brown were to compete in this year’s 250, however just before he was supposed to leave Brandon was in a training accident that left him with two broken ribs and other injuries. Then, while pre-running, Santos Perez encountered a chase truck coming backwards on the course. In his attempt to avoid the oncoming vehicle Santos crashed and broke his collarbone, just days before the race. It was a rocky start to 2013, but the team did not give up and replacement rider Julio Gomez was able to step in, however without enough time for pre-running.

On the day of the race, Los Chakas/Quad75Dezert was number 21a and left 6th off the starting line. Juan Sanchez rode to RM 24 and then handed the bike to his son, Angel Sanchez. Angel, Jenaro, and Julio split the course between them and then handed the bike back to Juan at RM 178. Juan Sanchez rode it to the finish, holding off 5th place until a few miles from the finish when he was overtaken. Eddie Gutierrez, Los Chakas’ team manager, said, “The guys were bummed about the 5th place finish, but we did really good considering our guys got hurt and didn’t get a chance to pre-run some of their sections. Santos was supposed to do the finish, but he got hurt, so Juan had to take the bike in to the finish on a section he didn’t pre-run, and Julio didn’t get to pre-run at all.” Brandon Brown said, “We can work with 5th place. I’m happy they finished but really unhappy about missing this race. I’m looking forward to the 500 and the rest of the season. These are a good group of guys and they finished without penalty which not a lot of teams did.”

The team will be focused on the Baja 500, while the riders train by racing RECORD, CODE, BITD and more during the season to keep their skills sharp.

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We are the first 10 seconds of this video. You can see the combo of Teixeira Tech and Fox Shox soaking up the whoops.


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